Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Heart On The Hill 2010, MN State Capitol

The American Heart Association and American Cancer Society planned and executed a remarkably successful event!
As an American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network and American Heart Association Speaker's Bureau member, I had the privilege to speak to MN Legislators, urging them to pass The Tobacco Modernization and Compliance Act for 2010.  This bill, when passed, will effectively close the loop-hole that exist under current laws. 
Minnesota's current laws governing tobacco haven't kept up with rapidly changing tobacco products, resulting in many products which are not covered.
Part of the modernization of MN tobacco laws will reduce youth access to tobacco products, which as a mom of two beautiful and healthy children, is of utmost importance to me!

What an honor to sit down with and have an informative and impactful conversation about this vital issue with my district representative, Rep. Peggy Scott, where I sought her support in this very important piece of legislation.  I was also able to speak to a senior staffer from the office of Debbie Johnson,49th District Senator from Ham Lake.


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