Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Leaders Launching Learners; Beyond the thrift stores

                  Two of my Minnesota Women of Today sisters

Our MN Women of Today group works closely with the Salvation Army, which is how I began my involvement.  Because I really love kids, working with the Salvation Army is a natural fit for me and I truly believe in the need to support members of my community.
Being a S.A. volunteer allows me to connect with and positively impact the lives of young people through the various programs this vital and amazing organization offers.

Getting ready for school will be a financial challenge for many families this fall. The cost of school supplies and clothing will put a strain on already stretched budgets. The Salvation Army is determined to help as many families in need as possible. We have the funding to help 850 children, but there are more on the waiting list hoping to receive assistance.
One of my roles as a "leader" is to help young people pick out and purchase new clothing for the school year.
What's most wonderful, is to see their eyes light up as they are able to shop and make cost-conscience decisions, with just a little guidance from me! 


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