Saturday, September 24, 2011

Zero-Summit to End Prostate Cancer 2011

What a week-this year's Summit was the best ever!  I enjoyed "catching up" with my fellow Prostate Cancer advocates from around the country, establishing relationships with new participants and learning about new treatment options, and protocols coming to market soon.   The future looks bright, and being my dad is still not cancer-free, I seek as much knowledge as I can of emerging technologies and drug-protocols.

The Summit offered FANTASTIC speakers and I had the privilege to have  great conversations with Senator Klobuchar, staff members from Senator Al  Franken and Congressman, Eric Paulson's offices.  There's significant legislation we are seeking to maintain in these challenging economic times, and these one-on-one meetings provide rare opportunities to spread awareness and secure support for desperately needed funding for Prostate Cancer.
Pictured with my United States Senator Amy Klobuchar.
Senator Klobuchar's father is a Prostate Cancer survivor.

 I had the opportunity to tour her lovely office, after enjoying breakfast hosted by Senator Klobuchar.
I met with Melissa Safford, Legislative Aide to US Senator, Al Franken.  We met last year during my legislative visit and had a nice conversation, highlighting issues we hope to gain Senator Franken's support.

My dear friend Sherry Galloway, who's only child/son Jeremy, was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer at age 34, and lost a horrific battle with the disease at age 36.  There's no family history of this disease in Sherry's family, and Jeremy was in "prime" physical condition prior to diagnosis.  This is compelling evidence that Prostate Cancer is NOT an "old man's disease", as many refer to it as, and even men in good physical health are at risk.
Timely detection is "key", and men need to have annual physicals, including Prostate Cancer Screenings , beginning at age 40
(age 35, if there is family history).


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