Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Prostate Cancer - The 2nd Highest Diagnosed Cancer Among Men
My dad was diagnosed with late stage prostate cancer 15 years ago; 3 months before my wedding day.  We weren't sure he would be healthy enough to walk me down the aisle or even attend our ceremony.  After an invasive surgery and just beginning recovery and treatment protocols, my dad made it to our wedding, and walked me down the aisle and all!  
15 years later - 3 surgeries, various treatments, as well as a liver cancer diagnosis, my dad has defied the incredible odds and is alive; yet continues to battle cancer today.  
Living the reality of cancer has been the most difficult challenge we continue to face as a family.  This life-changing experience, along with having lost my uncle to prostate cancer 3 years ago, I am constantly reminded there is much work to be done.  "Click" on the ACS image above for more information about prostate cancer.  Include a PSA - Prostate Specific Antigen - (a simple blood test) test within your yearly physical.

Timely Detection Is Key!

Facing Cancer Together-


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