Monday, January 2, 2017

As I begin the new year, I look back on 2016 with a great sense of gratitude and appreciation!

2016 marks the first year, in the last four years, we did NOT lose a family member to cancer - for this I am grateful beyond measure! 
However, our 41 year old beloved family friend, lost a grueling battle of leukemia in the summer.  Having known this man and his family since I was a young girl, I count them among "family" just the same. 

My dad continues to survive!  It has been tough to accept he will never be cancer-free, though I am so grateful he is alive to continue to fight the daily battle. 
Early in the year my mom received a devastating lung cancer diagnosis.  She underwent a very challenging surgery, chemotherapy treatments, and is recovering.  I cannot recall the countless times I sat, shaking my head in disbelief, as cancer continues to be the most harsh and cruel reality of our lives.

My hope & prayer is for 2017, to be the year without a cancer diagnosis or loss of life due to cancer, in my family! 

Overall, last year was a time of personal reflection and goal setting for me personally and my work within the cancer space. 
In 2016, my role within the American Cancer Society afforded me some incredible opportunities on a local, state and national level, of which I am so very thankful for and proud of!  I look forward to sharing all the amazing things ACS will be doing this year and how I continue serve and be of use in the fight against cancer!

Facing Cancer 2gether


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